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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4. at steak 'n shake. >> matt: a toddler left all alone, shoots herself in the hand. tonight two people who were supposed to be watching her are in jail. thank you for joining us. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. we'll get to that story for you in just a moment. but first, a cold night ahead after a beautiful, sunny day.
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is pinpointing your weather first at 5:30. >> tom: the temperatures are going to be colder than a lot of folks would like them to be. it's not going to be super cold. radar tonight is clear. i mean clear. all the way from here to atlanta. you have to get up to chattanooga, tennessee before you coming up with any moisture at all in the southeast. wind speeds are part of it tonight. an 18-mile-an-hour wind right now in orlando. 14 in ocala. 14 in palm coast and a 17-mile-an-hour sustained wind at the cape. temperature right now, in the 60's across the area. the on-the-town forecast for tonight will drop into the 50's. before you know it, clear skies, all the way down to 51 by 11 p.m. we don't stop dropping there. i'll be right back to pinpoint the very chilly, not frozen, but very chilly overnight low tonight for you and look ahead to your weekend. >> ginger: tom, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app
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well, right now a toddler is recovering after shooting herself in the hand. >> matt: police say the little girl was left all alone in a seminole county home when this happened. her parents are now facing child neglect charges. news 6 reporter loren korn tells us why the gun wasn't the only danger in the home. >> reporter: the toddler was taken here to the hospital after police say she was left alone in the garage with a gun. the incident happened wednesday night. sanford police say 22-year-old sims and davis drove the toddler to the hospital after the girl shot herself in the hand. investigators learned guns were not the only things in the garage where police say davis lives. >> they found drug paraphernalia and a number of magazines with ammunition inside and an amount of stray ammunition throughout the garage. >> reporter: police say while interviewing sims she repeatedly changed her story while davis refused to give a statement. the couple were taken to
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neglect charges and have since bonded out. >> it just goes to show if you have a firearm, it's your responsibility to house it, store it in a safe manner, especially if you have juveniles that can come in contact with it. it could be devastating results if that happens. >> matt: de .c.f. says it's investigating the case. both children are now with family members. it's been three weeks since a bad storm over the atlantic battered a royal caribbean cruise ship. since then the cruise liner was repaired and sent back out to sea. >> ginger: but one passenger said his trip at the beginning of february did more harm than good. now he says royal caribbean should pay. here's details on a lawsuit he just filed. >> lisa: bruce simpson says he was thrown 18 feet across his room when anthem of the seas sailed into a storm earlier this month.
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february 6th heading for port canaveral and the bahamas. by 2:00 the next day, the passengers were confined to their cabins because of that storm. this is some of the video from that storm. now simpson's lawyer says all of this could have been avoided. so here's some more video that passengers took during that storm. the anthem of the seas sailed straight into it. at least one ceiling collapsed while the ship was being tossed around in hurricane-force winds. as the ship sailed back to new jersey during the storm, part of its propulsion system was damaged. simpson says after being stuck in his cabin for several hours, he got up to use the rest room. that's when the lawsuit claims the ship, quote, "pitched violently and he was thrown into a door across the room." simpson says his husband called for medical attention because he was knocked unconscious and possibly broke several bones. but the lawsuit says because he
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to wait until the storm calmed down. simpson claims he tried to get treatment the following day but they couldn't x-ray his injuries because the machine had been damaged by the storm. the lawsuit claims negligence, including a failure to maintain the ship and a poorly trained captain. it also says the ship should not have sailed because royal caribbean knew about the severity of the storm before anthem of the seas left port. we do know that royal caribbean refunded the cost of the cruise for all passengers and offered half off another cruise. >> ginger: thank you. you can read the entire lawsuit on our website. head to, powered by news 6. new details tonight after a man is robbed at gunpoint in altamonte springs. police say two suspects are still on the run tonight. two are behind bars. a 21-year-old and a 20-year-old are facing robbery charges tonight. they're accused of holding a gun to the man's head, demanding his shoes, cell phone and wallet. it happened last night near the
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police say the four suspects let the victim go and then took off in a stolen car. officers say they're still looking for the other two suspects who were involved. >> matt: an undercover prostitution sting in volusia county lands five women in jail. daytona beach police say an officer was working undercover in an area known for prostitution. several times he reported being asked if he was a cop. when he said no, his report showed the women climbed into his car to perform sexual favors for money. police say they found drugs or paraphernalia on three of the women and they're also facing drug charges tonight. all five busts happened in the same area along bellevue avenue near u.s. 1 and beach street. now time to check on the roads with julie broughton. >> julie: matt, we're seeing some delays, especially through the downtown area. this is i-4 at kaley. the cars you see heading toward me are westbound and we have one westbound lane blocked there because of the semi that is stalled out there on the highway.
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but again that is causing some delays. here's how this looks for you as we check out the maps. you can see the traffic is slow through that area. on i-4 eastbound, approaching the turnpike on up past the downtown area into the winter park area, we're seeing reduced speed, average speed anywhere between 15 to 25 miles per hour. i-4 westbound is slow again where we're seeing one lane blocked through the downtown area. expect slow speeds in each direction. here are your drive times now.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, if you're thinking about going away for the weekend, maybe taking a road trip, before you rent a car, check out louis bolden's investigation. >> reporter: some central florida residents say they're being penalized for living in the sunshine state after they were charged more to rent a car. >> they're not giving you any concrete answer. this guy is not going to give you a concrete answer. >> i will give you a concrete answer, sir. it comes down to our online rate restrictions. >> matt: tonight at 11:00, louis bolden gets results for florida residents who believe they were victims of a bait and switch. >> ginger: all right. you're looking live now at the blue springs state park manatee cam. we have great news coming out of there today. manatees are continuing to make a comeback. isn't that pretty to see? >> matt: i love that place. >> ginger: spotters counted more than 6200 manatees in florida this winter, almost 200 more than last year.
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wildlife officials plan to reclassify manatees from endangered to the less serious status of threatened. they're no longer in danger of extinction. >> matt: that's fantastic news. it's nice to see more and more at blue springs state park this year. speaking of blue springs state park, candace campos is there there. >> ginger: she's pinpointing your weather at orange city tonight. >> reporter: we're at orange city and the blue springs state park, trying to find manatees out there. it's been pretty warm over the last couple of days with temperatures in the 80's last week and into this week. the manatees have now started heading out. but now that the cold snap started, expect the manatees to make their way in. at last check i spotted 5, maybe up to 7 and a few babies are out there.
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blue springs state park, expect more manatees, especially into the weekend. temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. let's pinpoint the weather forecast in orange city. for tonight it will continue to stay breezy like it has been today. temperatures will be dipping into the upper 40's, nice, clear skies and picture-perfect conditions for tomorrow, if you don't mind the cooler temperatures as we'll be warming up only into the mid-60's. our next stop at 6:00 is out in de land. for now, at orange city, i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. >> matt: this time of year, you can't go in the spring where the manatees are, but you can see all the fish down there. you just want to drop a line in. >> ginger: it's so clear, that's nice. these got plum assignments. that's nice. >> matt: she's working it. >> ginger: we can all agree the kennedy space center is a fascinating space. but today it got even cooler. >> matt: we're talking about a new attraction and it's real life space missions.
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kids go on some out of this world adventures. and many people not from colorado are ending up in the
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>> >> ginger: lots of excitement tonight on the space coast. first, we're following a developing story as spacex tries to launch its falcon9 rocket at 6:46. >> matt: plus a brand-new attraction opens at the kennedy space center. news 6 reporter mark lehman shows us how students got to play some games that are out of this world. >> reporter: those with the kennedy space center say the newest experience calls on the next generation of space explorers, and some of them may be here today. students from around central florida are taking on real life space missions. >> 2, 1, lift-off! >> reporter: with the countdown complete, the launch of cosmic quest is on. today saw four experienced astronauts leading teams of students as they take on
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>> the sixth grader tasked with an operation on mars, one of four simulator stations, the experience designed to engage and inspire these young trainees. all while immersing them in a number of stem-based adventures, science, technology, engineering and math. >> it's cool to see the technology developing here. engineering job, maybe. >> reporter: he takes interest in the subject matter, joining his classmates, but he likes winning the game. his teacher seeing this lesson as one that could be life-changing. >> this may change the course of their future career and inspire them to do something along the lines of space and science. >> reporter: those here count every cosmic quest experience as an educational success, all of this as a part to improve stem activities, including the opening of an educational center early next year.
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are not even paying attention to the camera there. the cosmic quest experience will run you $25, on top of normal daily admission. the price includes a custom astronaut badge, good for one year's access to all the missions. marijuana-related emergency room visits are way up in colorado. >> ginger: a study finds out of state visitors are the ones ending up in the hospital. the numbers are dramatically rising since retail pot became legal in 2012. the "new england journal of medicine" reviewing more than 100 hospitals from 2012 to 2014 and they found out of state visitors' trips to the e.r. for marijuana-related symptoms went up 109% during the time. colorado residents e.r. visits went up 44%. >> matt: i guess people aren't going there to ski anymore, huh? >> ginger: doesn't seem like it. >> matt: you are soon going to
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jcpenney for a penny. >> ginger: the new slogan is get your penny's worth. it will include house brands like the arizona products. some items will be sold for just a penny with no further purchase required while others -- while other items will be part of a buy one, get one for a penny deal. this is the chain's latest effort to turn around failing sales. if that doesn't work, i don't know what will work. >> matt: the results are in for the most hated companies in america. topping the list, abercrombie & fitch. the clothing company's effort to turn around sales is not working. customers surveyed have reported negative experiences with amber abercrombie & fitch.
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the wegmans. >> tom: a friend of mine acts like it's a publix. >> ginger: nothing is as good as publix. sorry. >> matt: tom sorrells is joining us now. >> tom: look at what's going on right now in central florida. we have no rain to look at. nowhere in the state actually. you go down to the keys and there may be a touch of rain down south. that's about it. to the north, you have to go to chattanooga to find any moisture and some of that moisture up north, that's frozen stuff. we certainly don't want anything to do with that. here are the normals, versus the daytime high today. we had a low this morning of 52. not too far off the norm. we're going way below normal tonight.
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the normal high is 75 degrees. we're 10 degrees below normal. record on the date was a 90. a 90-degree day back in 1962. that's pre-global warming talk. that was a long way back there. 63 degrees right now in orlando. melbourne, 66. leesburg, 60. it's 63 in ocala and 60 in gainesville and 59 already in the villages. the downward slide is on. 62 in sanford and 63 at o.i.a. winds are part of the big conversation today. it's windy enough to knock your hat off. 18-mile-an-hour wind in orlando right now. 15 in leesburg. out at the cape, we talked about this earlier with the rocket launch, the wind speeds have to be 30 knots or less. once we get to 30 knots, we think we can't launch. we're well below that criteria right now, so we'll see what happens. everything is ushering in here from the west-northwest. all the cooler air funneling in. so did some of the dry air.
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was really dry last night and the orange swath moved on. it's out of here now. we're not covered up with all the super dry air. the blue sky with no clouds is still our situation. more and more moisture begins to funnel in as we go toward the weekend. that will mean a couple of things. we'll pick up a little more cloud cover over the next 24 hours. not a lot by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon but a little. more on saturday as we start to warm it back up just a smidge. getting closer to normal. overnight low tonight in ocala is 38. 42 degrees in palm coast. i'm going to give the overnight low tomorrow in orlando at 44. winds are dying down later into the night. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it won't be nearly as breezy and windy as it was today. here's tomorrow all right. temperature reading 48 at 8 a.m. by noon, 61. daytime high tomorrow is 65 degrees. the next three days, 66 for the daytime high at o.i.a.,
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higher, up to 68. by sunday, well, okay, that really is picture-perfect. almost dead on for normal. 74, the low 52. warmer on monday, 76. by wednesday, we're all the way back to 80. >> matt: that's it. i'm sleeping outside this weekend. >> tom: camping under the stars? good luck with that. >> ginger: yeah, exactly. if you're up between 6 and 8:00 tomorrow morning, please join me on 1 os 06.5. i'll be live with jay edwards on the morning mix. i'm in for dana taylor. she's recovering and we hope she feels better tomorrow morning. that's tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 10:00 and jay and those guys were so gracious this morning. they did all the work and i just showed up. >> matt: when you're off, dana is coming in here, right? >> matt: tune in to news 6 on
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the final solar bears game of the season. it's faith and family night at the amway center. we're teaming up with the solar bears to hope fight homelessness. for every person who uses the # #rethink homelessness, the solar bears will donate a dollar. live coverage starts 7:30. florida students could soon have another option to choose for their foreign language request. >> ginger: plus one kitten is getting a lot of attention today, all over the way she looks. >> matt: are you kidding me? >> ginger: that's adorable. see how this one little cat is giving new meaning to the word whiskers. >> matt: and talk about being at the right place at the right time. an investigator saves a man's life after he collapses. i'm going to introduce you to this amazing and very humble getting results award winner, tonight at 6:00.
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orange, kissimmee, and all of central florida here on news 6
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>> ginger: the bill allowing students to take computer coding services for credit is on the way to the governor's desk. students are required to take a foreign language for two years. florida would be the first in the country to make this change. >> matt: learning latin won't make you 80 grand a year out of college. >> ginger: maybe not. i don't know. a little kitten has become an internet star. >> matt: we're pretty in love with this little thing here. it's all because of her unique appearance. i feel like i don't have to explain the story.
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mustache. mustache. she was found by a worker at the california salvation army left by her original owner in the donation bin. she was turned over to a shelter. workers there say she should be ready for adoption within the next few days. right after that, she'll start doing silent film. >> ginger: she could have a painting pallet and speak in french. >> lisa: she's beautiful and with green eyes. >> ginger: lisa bell is here for the news coming up at 6:00. >> lisa: seaworld is accused of spying. what the c.e.o. is now saying about this. and a drug trafficking organization that sold heroin to locals is busted. how federal investigators learned about the so-called
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and all eyes are on the sky in cape canaveral. will the rocket lift off tonight? a live update, ahead at 6:00. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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pressure on sidewalks... enjoy all of our classic footlongs for just $6 each. provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, it's called the heroin hotline. a major drug bust in a primary tourist district. first, though, seaworld admits to spying on animal activists. today, seaworld confessed for the first time one of its employees posed as an activist to spy on its critics. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. news 6 investigator mike deforest is looking into this matter. seaworld says it will no longer do something like this, right? >> reporter: that's what they told investors today. seaworld has made a lot of enemies in recent years and claims they have received a lot of threats, but they said they


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